Practice Rooms/Instrument Lockers

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Practice room operating hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, and after-hours access for music students and those who have paid the additional access fee of 5pm-10pm Monday through Friday, 10am-8pm Saturday, and 12pm-9pm Sunday. From the beginning of the semester until Feb. 23, the building card reader will be active only during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm). If you are planning to use after-hours rooms, be sure your teacher has requested after-hours access for you.

Music students should have received the new signup link from their instructors. Please inquire with your teacher if you did not receive the new link.

Practice rooms will be made available for specified blocks of time by advance online reservation only, with buffers in between reservation periods to allow air to recirculate. Slots will be released for signup one week at a time. Only students who are enrolled in a music course will have access to the reservation system, and the link to the reservation system will be emailed to those students. Students who are not enrolled in a music course or signed up for paid room access per the information below may ask Alejandro L. Madrid, the department chair, for an exception. Exceptions will not be granted before March 1, so please do not send requests before that time.

Note that the practice rooms tend to be busiest between 2pm-6pm, but the earlier and later hours often have plenty of availability.

Please be considerate of others and only sign up for times you will use. Depending on demand, the number of weekly hours may be adjusted during the semester. If you have a class that ends at an odd time like 12:10pm that will make you “late” to your 12:00pm practice time reservation, don’t worry, you can start practicing when you arrive. You must still exit the room at the scheduled time.

If you do not intend to use the room during the time you signed up for, cancel your reservation. In order to cancel your reservation, be sure that you have created an account in the signup system.

Use only the room you signed up for and be sure to exit the room before the end of your sign-up time.

You will need your ID to enter the building through the lower level doors. When you arrive in Lincoln to practice, sign in with the practice room monitor stationed in the hallway. The monitor will have cleaning supplies available. Students will be expected to wash/sanitize their hands prior to entering a room as well as wipe down surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and music stands using cleaning supplies obtained at the monitor table. Do not use cleaning supplies on the piano keyboard, as they may cause damage.

When you are finished practicing, clean surfaces again, sanitize your hands, close the practice room door, and sign out with the practice room monitor.

All practice rooms will be available only for one person at a time.

Masks must be worn at all times until you are inside a practice room with the door closed.

Spit-valves must not be drained onto floors. Drain either into a closeable container that has disinfectant in it to neutralize pathogens, or onto an absorbent pad with a nonporous backing. Spit containers should be emptied in a sink and containers washed after every use. Absorbent pads should be disposed of in the trash can.

Practice Rooms are for musical practice only (not for studying, resting, conversing, etc.)

Food and beverages are not allowed in Practice Rooms. Please do not place anything atop pianos.

Students enrolled in lessons may check out a Zoom recorder from the practice room monitor desk. Devices are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are checked out for up to 2 hours at a time.

Noncompliance with any health and safety standards may result in loss of practice room privileges.

    Practice Room Fees

    Fee payments are required for access after 5pm and weekends, and you are not enrolled in a music course but have received an exemption as described above. Fees are bursared during the fall and spring semesters, and the fees listed are per semester. Fees are not prorated and are non-refundable.

    • Grand piano * $100
    • Upright piano $75
    • No piano $35
    • Drumset **$40
    • Percussion studio ** $40

    * Note that Grand Piano Practice Rooms are always locked; a key is issued to the user after a $20 key deposit (cash only) and the practice-room fee is paid. The key deposit will be refunded upon return of the key, but is forfeited if the key is lost. To set up access, contact Fumi Nagasaki-Pracel at to receive the practice room agreement form via email. Upon receipt of a signed agreement, she will send you instructions for how to pay the key deposit and receive the key with no contact. Keys are picked up in Lincoln Hall, and for new keyholders, it may take up to a week to make an appointment.

    ** By special permission only. Contact Mike Sparhuber (Drumset and Percussion studio requests only)


    The locker assignment procedure has been revised with social distancing and reduction of contact in mind. The lockers will be assigned to students via email and a $15 bursar fee will be charged (cash will no longer be accepted).  

    Interested students for Spring 2021 should contact Fumi Nagasaki-Pracel ( to receive the Locker Agreement Form via email. Send the signed agreement back to Fumi to receive the locker assignment and combination.

    For large locker users:
    The number of large lockers for cello, guitar, baritone saxophone or other large and/or long instrument is limited, and assignment is prioritized to students who enroll in music ensemble classes. If you would like to sign out the large locker, send an email to Fumi Nagasaki-Pracel (