Practice Rooms/Instrument Lockers

Practice rooms are located in the basement of Lincoln Hall and are open to the entire Cornell community on a first-come, first-served basis (with exceptions as noted below).

  • five rooms with upright pianos
  • ten without pianos
  • one drum set practice room (accessible only with the permission of the percussion instructor**).
  • eight rooms with grand pianos
    • These rooms must be reserved in advance (they are always locked, and the key is issued to the user after receipt of a $20 key deposit, payable in cash only and charged in addition to the practice-room fee). The key deposit will be refunded upon return of the key, but it is forfeited if the key is lost.
    • These rooms can be reserved by a student for up to 12 hours per week

ID cards will be encoded for 24-hour building access after appropriate practice-room fees have been paid. Students in music classes will receive 24-hour access after September 10. For the fall semester, after-hours and special room sign-ups begin on August 10, for the spring on January 2, and for summer on June 1.

Food and beverages are not allowed in Practice Rooms. Please do not place anything atop pianos.

Noncompliance with any health and safety standards may result in loss of practice room privileges.

For any practice-room-related questions or concerns, please contact Fumi Nagasaki-Pracel at

Practice Room Fees

Fee payments are required in fall, spring, and summer for after-hours and special room access. Fees may be bursared during the fall and spring semesters, but must be paid by cash or check in the summer. The fees listed are per semester. Fees are not prorated and are non-refundable. A valid Cornell ID is required.

  • Grand piano $100
  • Upright piano $75
  • No piano $35
  • Drumset $40


Instrument lockers are available for rental for $15 (charged to students’ bursar accounts). 

Interested students should contact Fumi Nagasaki-Pracel ( to receive the Locker Agreement Form via email. Send the signed agreement back to Fumi to receive the locker assignment and combination.

For large locker users:
The number of large lockers for cello, guitar, baritone saxophone or other large and/or long instruments is limited, and assignment is prioritized to students who enroll in music ensemble classes. If you would like to sign out a large locker, send an email to Fumi Nagasaki-Pracel ( Lockers will be assigned after students’ enrollment in ensembles is confirmed.