The Music Minor


For those non-majors across the University whose involvement with the Department of Music forms an essential aspect of their undergraduate career, the undergraduate minor in Music gives both formal recognition and structural coherence to their musical studies. The minor requires students to engage with musical theories, materials, and techniques, the study of music in history and culture, and performance. At the same time, it provides students with the flexibility to emphasize areas that interest him or her most. All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better. If a course is offered S/U, a grade of S is acceptable.

Admission to the minor must be declared no later than the second semester of the junior year; after the start of the seventh semester, admission is by petition only. Such students should attach a statement outlining their credentials and reasons for wishing to pursue a minor in Music.

All students must submit an exit statement to the advisor and the DUS articulating the intellectual interests that were developed by work done for the minor and how his or her program of musical studies reflects a coherent learning agenda. 

Those enrolled in the Music minor are considered members of the Music department and are encouraged to participate in all program activities.

Current courses are listed here.

Application Procedure

  • Submit the online Music Minor Application Form
  • Please submit the application by the end of the Junior year.
  • Based on your interests, select and obtain the agreement of a faculty member who is willing to serve as the minor advisor. 

Core Requirements

Students minoring in music are responsible for tracking and completing the required courses:

Music Theory, Materials, and Techniques (3-5 credits)

  • At least one three to five credit course in the category of Theory, Materials, and Techniques.

Music History and Culture (3-4 credits)

  • At least one three to four credit course in the category of History and Culture.

Performance (3 credits)

  • At least three credits of courses in the category of Collaborative Performance and/or Individual Instruction. At least one credits must come from Collaborative Performance courses. Students may earn the remaining credits from a course in either category.

Electives (8 credits)

  • Eight credits from any other Theory, Materials, and Techniques, History and Culture, or Collaborative Performance courses.  A maximum of five of these credits may be earned from Collaborative Performance courses.

Music Courses

Visit this page to view music course listings.

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