Submit Recordings


Undergraduate applicants should submit recordings only if they believe that their musical abilities will enhance their application. Recordings must isolate and highlight the applicant; group performances that obscure the ability to assess an individual’s level of talent will not receive evaluation. Electronic file submissions are required.

Performers may submit either audio or video of two or three contrasting selections or portions thereof (ones that show variety in style, character, etc.).  The total length of the recording should not exceed 10 minutes. Recordings longer than 10 minutes may not be viewed in their entirety. If you have multiple abilities, each instrument should be submitted separately, as these are evaluated by different people. 

Composers should submit a PDF file containing one or two scores that are representative of their recent work, and, whenever possible, include a link in the PDF to a recording of the work(s) submitted.

Requirements for Submission

All applicants must complete BOTH steps below – submissions that do not include the survey (step 1) will not be considered.

1) Complete this survey (to allow for the materials to be matched to your Cornell application file)

2) Upload a file via the appropriate link below. All files uploaded must follow the following naming convention: instrument-lastname-firstname-commonapplicantnumber. In the submission document, please provide the following information:

  • Common Application Number (required)
  • Full name and e-mail address
  • Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year: e.g. August 4, 2002)
  • State/Country of high school / current institution
  • College of application (please note: ILR does not consider supplemental music submissions as part of their application process, though submissions will still be reviewed)
  • Indicate one: Early Decision, Regular Decision, or Transfer Admission
  • Instrument/voice part
  • A list of the selections (with titles and composers) and assisting performers (if applicable)
  • Link to the recording (preferably YouTube; instructions for “unlisted” videos are here).

All required information listed above and the clickable link to the recording(s) should be included in ONE Word or PDF document for upload.