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Undergraduate applicants should submit recordings only if they believe that their musical abilities will enhance their application. Recordings must isolate and highlight the applicant; group performances that obscure the ability to assess an individual’s level of talent will not receive evaluation. Electronic file submissions are required.

Performers may submit either audio or video of two or three contrasting selections or portions of thereof (ones that show variety in style, character, etc.).  The total length of the recording should not exceed 10 minutes. If you have multiple abilities, each instrument should be on a separate MP3 file, as these are evaluated by different people. If submitting audio, applicants can either upload an MP3 no greater than 20MB or upload a web address where the work is streaming. If submitting video, applicants must only upload a web address where the work is streaming (preferably YouTube; instructions for “unlisted” videos are here). Web addresses can be pasted into a Word or PDF document for upload.

Composers should submit a PDF file containing one or two scores that are representative of their recent work, and, whenever possible, an MP3 recording of the work(s) submitted, above.

All files uploaded must follow the following naming convention:  lastname-commonapplicantnumber-worktitle

With each submission, please provide the following information:

  • Common Application Number (required)
  • Full name and e-mail address
  • College of application (please note: ILR does not consider supplemental music submissions as part of their application process, though submissions will still be reviewed)
  • Indicate one: Early Decision, Regular Decision, or Transfer Admission
  • Instrument/voice part
  • A list of the selections (with titles and composers) and assisting performers (if applicable)
  • Please note: limit of 250 characters

All files must be uploaded into one of the following categories. If you are unsure what category to choose, or your selection includes multiple categories, please upload into “Other Instruments.”

It is to be understood that any recording or work submitted represents your own work; please consult Cornell’s Code of Academic Integrity for definitions of what constitutes plagiarism.

Recordings sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office or to any of the individual colleges will not be considered.

Recordings will not be considered if received after November 16 for early decision, January 2 for regular decision, or March 15 for transfer decision.