Past Music and Sound Studies Colloquia

February 7, 2019
Eric Drott (The University of Texas at Austin): "Music, Sleep, Social Reproduction"
April 11, 2019
Jocelyne Guilbault (University of California, Berkeley): Donald J. Grout Memorial Lecture

FALL 2018
September 13, 2018
Gavin Steingo (Princeton University): “Kapwani Kiwanga and the Challenge of Black Listening”
September 20, 2018
Richard Cohn (Yale University): “Damaged Cargo: Concerning the Unfortunate Voyage of Poetic Meter to the Land of the Modern Music-Theory Textbook”
September 27, 2018 — Lenore Coral Memorial Lecture
Heather MacLachlan (University of Dayton): “Understanding LGBT Choral Musicking as a Social Movement”
November 29, 2018
Brigid Cohen (New York University): “Maciunas, Fluxus, and the Haunting of Empires”


February 1, 2018 
Ana Maria Ochoa (Columbia University): "Sound, indigeneity and the audiovisual archive in Northern South America"

February 15, 2018
Geoffrey Burgess (Eastman School of Music), Lenore Coral: “The Thorn of the Honey Locust: Writing Around J.S. Bach”

March 1, 2018
Andrea Bohlman (UNC Chapel Hill): “How Does a Boycott Sound?”

March 22, 2018
Ellen Exner (New England Conservatory): “Dr. Burney’s Complaint and the Case of Mendelssohn’s Great Passion”

April 12, 2018 
Louise Meintjes (Duke): “Dust of the Zulu: Ngoma Aesthetics after Apartheid”

FALL 2017

September 14, 2017
Jairo Moreno (Penn): “Antenatal Listening and the Forms of ‘Life/Death’”

September 21, 2017
Michael Cuthbert (MIT): “How Computational Musicology Has Failed, and Why That’s a Good Thing”

October 5, 2017

Scott Burnham (CUNY Graduate Center), Grout Memorial Lecture: “God and the Voice of Beethoven”


February 2, 2017

Thomas Christensen (The University of Chicago): “Scales, Skulls, and Sanskrit: French Ethnographies of Tonality, c. 1860”

February 9, 2017

Ellie Hisama (Columbia University): “‘Blackness in a White Void’: Music in the Films of Isaac Julien”

February 16, 2017

Tamara Levitz (UCLA) Donald J. Grout Memorial Lecture Undone: “Remembering Otto Kinkeldey, Donald J. Grout, and the Exclusive White Origins of American Musicology at Cornell”

February 23, 2017

Daniel Party (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile): “Víctor Jara’s Revolutionary Masculinities”

March 2, 2017

Travis Jackson (The University of Chicago): Music Graduate Association Lecture

March 9, 2017

Nicole Reisnour (Cornell University): “Art of the Self: The Ethics of Balinese Pepaosan Performance”

March 16, 2017

Rebecca Cypess (Rutgers University), Lenore Coral Memorial Lecture: “The Breath of Syrinx: The Organ, the Voice, and the Machinery of Music in the Early Seicento”

March 23, 2017

Erica Levenson (Cornell University): “Traveling Tunes: French Comic Opera and Theatre in London, 1714–45”

March 30, 2017

Sergio Ospina-Romero (Cornell University): “Dolor que canta: The Life, the Exile, and the Music of Luis A. Calvo”

April 13, 2017

Don M. Randel Teaching Fellows’ Colloquium
Anaar Desai-Stephens: “Bollywood Songs and South Asian Culture”
Ryan McEvoy McCullough: “Musical Technologies and the Natural World”
Mackenzie Pierce: “Improvisation and Social Change in the U.S.”

April 20, 2017

Margot Fassler (University of Notre Dame)

April 27, 2017

Mia Tootill (Cornell University): Dissertation Presentation

May 4, 2017

Georgina Born (Oxford University), Conference Keynote Address B20 Lincoln Hall: “Ghosts in the Machine: Technology, History, and Aesthetics of the Player Piano”

FALL 2016

September 22, 2016
Annette Richards (Cornell University)
: “Glass Music and the Virgin Warrior”

September 29, 2016
Veit Erlmann (The University of Texas at Austin)
: “Policing the Beat: Crime and Copyright in South Africa”

October 6, 2016
Tim Lawrence (University of East London): 
“New York City 1980–83: Conjuncture, Parties, Music”

October 20, 2016 in Anabel Taylor Hall Chapel
Jonathan Schakel (Cornell University) 
Lecture-Recital: ”Models and Imitations in 17th- and 18th-Century Keyboard Music”

October 27, 2016
Anaar Desai-Stephens (Cornell University): 
“Singing Through the Screen: Indian Idol and the Politics of Aspiration in Post-Liberalization India”

November 10, 2016
Nicole Reisnour (Cornell University)
: “Art of the Self: The Ethics of Balinese Pepaosan Performance”

November 17, 2016
Jeremy Strachan (University of Toronto/Cornell University)
: “Experimental Music in Canada since 1972: Preliminary Perspectives on Regionalism, Diversity, and the Question of Genre”


February 4, 2016
David Suisman (University of Delaware): “The Sonic Spaces of Military Power”

February 11. 2016
Malcolm Bilson (Cornell): “What Can We Take From Early Recordings (Or Should We?)”

February 18, 2016
Catherine Appert (Cornell): “To Make Song without Singing: Hip Hop and Popular Music in Senegal”

March 10, 2016
Donald J. Grout Memorial Lecture: Kofi Agawu (Princeton): “Rethinking Music Theory, with African Aid”

March 17, 2016
Rob C. Wegman (Princeton): “The Birth of Counterpoint”

April 7, 2016
Evan Rapport (The New School): “Reconstructing Punk: Punk’s Musical Style and American Narratives of Race”

April 21, 2016
Randel Teaching Fellows: Erica Levenson and Mia Tootle

April 28, 2016
William Cheng (Dartmouth): “Taking Back the Laugh: An Acoustemology of Comedy”

FALL 2015

September 3, 2015
Ryan McEvoy McCullough (Cornell): “Shadowily and Döppelganger [sic] in Works for Piano and Electronics”

September 17, 2015
Marié Abe (Boston University): “Resonances of Silence in Post-Fukushima Japan”

September 24, 2015
Holly Watkins (Eastman): “Formalism’s Flower”

October 1, 2015
Maureen Mahon (New York University): “And the Colored Girls Go…: African American Women Vocalists and the Sound of Race, Gender, and Authenticity in Rock and Roll”

October 15, 2015
Lenore Coral Memorial Lecture: Thomas Irvine (University of Southampton): “Burney’s China: The Sino-British Encounter and the Emergence of a Global Music History, 1770-1808”

October 16 –17, 2015
Atkinson Forum in American Studies presents “Son Jarocho and the Mexican-American Imagination”

October 22, 2015
Simon Morrison (Princeton University): “About that [Scriabin] Chord”

October 29, 2015
Jillian Marshall (Cornell PhD colloquium): “Double Visions: Fieldwork, Personal Identity, and Another Year in Japan”

November 5, 2015
Mackenzie Pierce (Cornell): “‘To Write with the Rapidity of Inspiration’: Technologies of Inscription and Sound Recording before the Phonograph”

David Yearsley (Cornell): “Music of a Bach Wife and Widow”


February 5, 2015
Damien Mahiet (Independent Scholar): “Music and Diplomacy: Concepts and Case Studies”

February 12, 2015
Christine Balance (Society for the Humanities/UC Irvine): “Tropical Renditions: Popular Music & Performance in Filipino America”

February 19, 2015
Karol Berger (Stanford): “How Holy is German Art? On the Final Scene of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg”

March 12, 2015
Andrew Zhou (Cornell PhD colloquium): “Silent Li(v)es in the Piano after Schoenberg”

March 19, 2015
Mathieu Langlois (Cornell PhD colloquium): “Pictorialism in French Baroque Instrumental Music”

April 9, 2015
Philomela Speaker: Jesse Rodin (Stanford): “Form and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Music”

April 16, 2015
Lenore Coral Memorial Lecture: Francesca Brittan (Case Western Reserve): “The Electrician, the Magician, and the Romantic Conductor”

April 23, 2015
Ji Young Kim (Cornell): “Did Schumann Have a Late Style? A Response to James Webster”

April 30, 2015
Richard Leppert (University of Minnesota)

FALL 2014

Thu, Sept 4, 2014
Paul Miller (Cornell): Tempo and Meter Relationships in Stockhausen’s Late Works

Thu, Sept 11, 2014
Malcolm Bilson (Cornell): The Opening Solo in Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto : What Was He Thinking?

Thu, Sept 18, 2014
Anaar Desai-Stephens (Cornell): Fieldwork presentation

Thu, Sept 25, 2014
Grout talk: Gary Tomlinson (Yale): 1,000,000 Years of Music

Thu, Oct 2, 2014
CPE conference, Keynote Address I: James Kennaway (Newcastle University): The Nerves, Refinement and Over-Stimulation: Medicine and Music in the Age of Sensibility

Thu, Oct 9, 2014
Jamie Currie (SUNY Buffalo): A Little Girl in the Heartland: Tin Men, Human Sentiments, and the End of Musical Modernity

Thu, Oct 30, 2014
Aaron Fox (Columbia): An ontology of reciprocity: repatriation as ethnomusicological critique

Thu, Nov 13, 2014
Adem Birsen (Cornell): Harmonic Progression, Chromatic Dissonance and Bold Gesture in Haydn’s String Quartets, Opp. 9 and 17


Thu, Jan 30, 2014
Katherine Walker (Cornell University / Hobart and William Smith Colleges): “Musical Taste in the Eighteenth Century: A Dissertation Presentation”

Thu, Feb 6, 2014
Mike Lee (Cornell University) : “Musical Materiality, Meaning, and the Functions of Intentionality”

Thu, Feb 13, 2014
Benjamin Piekut (Cornell University): “Music Now and the Mixed Avant-garde: Experimental Music in London, 1965-75”

Thu, Feb 20, 2014
Andrew Hicks (Cornell University): “Harmonizing the Phenomena: The Musical Aesthetics of Medieval Cosmology”

Thu, Feb 27, 2014
Amanda Lalonde (Cornell University): “The Musical Uncanny in Early Nineteenth-Century German Culture: A Dissertation Presentation”

Thu, Mar 6, 2014 – Annual Donald J. Grout Memorial Lecture
Nicholas Cook (University of Cambridge): “Anatomy of the Musical Encounter: Debussy and the Gamelan, Again”

Thu, Mar 13, 2014
Dana Gooley (Brown University): “Poetry, Music and Improvisation: Carl Loewe’s Performative Romanticism”

Thu, Mar 20, 2014 – Annual Lenore Coral Memorial Lecture
Emily Dolan (University of Pennsylvania): “Music as an Object of Natural History”

Thu, Apr 10, 2014
Evan Cortens (Cornell University): “The Sacred Cantatas of Christoph Graupner: A Dissertation Presentation”

Thu, May 1, 2014 – Philomela Speaker
Michael Beckerman (New York University):  “The Wild Goose and Dreaming of Moravia in Terezin”

FALL 2013

Thu, Sept 5, 2013
Malcolm Bilson (Cornell University): “The Strange Case of the Elusive quarter Note”

Thu, Sept 12, 2013
Arthur Groos (Cornell University): “In the River Rhine? – Das Rheingold as Musical Cosmology”

Thu, Sept 19, 2013
Gail Holst-Warhaft (Cornell University): “Theodorakis’s Musical Settings of Greek Poetry and Why a Swan?”

Thu, Oct 3, 2013
Anna Zayaruznaya (Yale University): “The Imaginary Zoo of Musical Things”

Thu, Oct 10, 2013
Yonatan Bar-Yoshafat (Cornell University): “Allegory, Irony and Deconstruction: Interpretation and Over-Interpretation of a Fugue”

Thu, Oct 17, 2013
Matt Stahl (University of Western Ontario): “”My Future is My Past’: The Political-Economic Liminality of Popular Music Occupations”

Thu, Oct 24, 2013
Gundula Kreuzer (Yale University): “Wagnerian Technologies: The Curtain”

Thu, Nov 21, 2013
Suzannah Clark (Harvard University): “Weber’s Rest”

Thu, Dec 5, 2013
Denis Herlin (CNRS / Institut de recherche sur le patrimoine musical en France): “The Kunkelmann Manuscripts: New Sources for Early Mélodies (1881-1882) by Claude Debussy”

Spring 2013

Thu, Feb 7, 2013
Steven F. Pond (Cornell University): “Brilliant Coroners: Has the Reissues Market Spelled the Death of Jazz?”

Thu, Feb 28, 2013
Joshua Rifkin (Boston University): “Time Travel and its Discontents: Historical Performance, Historical Reconstruction, and Culture Tourism”

Thu, Feb 28, 2013
Adem Merter Birson (Cornell University): “Burning in Love: Sacred Imagery in Romantic Art Songs from the Turkish Republican Period”

Thu, Mar 7, 2013
Amanda Lalonde (Cornell University): “Buddy Esquire and the Early Hip Hop Flyer”

Thu, Mar 14, 2013
Matthew Gelbart (Fordham University): “Fragments, Transcriptions, Recordings: The Trace of Genre in the Development of Modern Listening”

Thu, Mar 28, 2013 – Philomela Speaker
Richard Taruskin (University of California, Berkeley): “Liszt and Bad Taste”

Thu, Apr 4, 2013
Samuel Dwinell (Cornell University): “‘One day we’ll be together, brother’: Queer Intimacies of Race and Empire in Tippett’s The Knot Garden”

Thu, Apr 11, 2013
W. Anthony Sheppard (Williams College): “Puccini and the Music Boxes”

Thu, Apr 18, 2013
Evan Cortens (Cornell University): “‘Mein Herz schwimmt im Blut’ and the Rhetoric of Cantata Composition”

Thu, Apr 25, 2013 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Stephen Huebner (McGill University): “Maurice Ravel: Dandy and Ironist”

Thu, May 2, 2013 – Lenore Coral Memorial Speaker
Alessandra Campana (Tufts University): “Aural Anamorphosis: the Aesthetics of Synchronization in Film”

Fall 2012

Thu, Sep 6, 2012
Annette Richards (Cornell University): “Portraying the Past: Anecdotes, Faces, and the Founding of Music History”

Thu, Sep 20, 2012
Mike Lee (Cornell University): “A Moment of Self-Correction in Chopin’s E-Minor Prelude”

Thu, Sep 27, 2012
Carolyn Abbate (Harvard University): “Igor, Lilian, and Frivolity”

Thu, Oct 4, 2012
Monica Roundy (Cornell University): “Music Writing and Musical Writing: the Appearance of Voices in Douce 139”

Thu, Oct 18, 2012
Sara Haefeli (Ithaca College): “John Cage and the Academy”

Thu, Nov 29, 2012
Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University): “Generic Confusion: Luigi Boccherini’s Symphonies”

Spring 2012

Thu, Jan 26, 2012 – Philomela Speaker
Chaya Czernowin (Harvard University): “Development, shift, change and breach as modus operandi of moving forward”

Thu, Feb 2, 2012
Malcolm Bilson (Cornell University): “Schubert’s ‘Incomplete’ Piano Sonatas: Problems and Possible Solutions”

Thu, Feb 16, 2012 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Wendy Heller (Princeton University): “Rescuing Ariadne”

Thu, Feb 23, 2012
Vasili Byros (Northwestern University): “Ethno-Graphing Mozart”

Thu, Mar 15, 2012
Annegret Fauser (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): “‘I hear America Singing…’: Yankee Tunesmiths, Folksong and the Creation of New Music during World War II”

Thu, Mar 29, 2012
Judith Peraino (Cornell University): “Troubadours and Globalization: Spreading the Love”

Thu, Apr 5, 2012
James Webster (Cornell University): “Rossini, Beethoven, and Others: Reflections on the Historiography of 19th-Century Music”

Thu, Apr 12, 2012 – Philomela Speaker
Richard Leppert (University of Minnesota): “Material Culture and Decentered Selfhood (Socio-Visual Typologies of Musical Excess)”

Thu, Apr 19, 2012
Nina Sun Eidsheim (Cornell University, Society for the Humanities): “Voice as Action: Towards a Model for Analyzing the Dynamic Construction of Racialized Voice”

Thu, Apr 26, 2012
Yongwoo Lee (Cornell University, Society for the Humanities): “‘Voices between Empires’: Tropical Melody, Imaginary Cartography and Traumatic Mimesis in Postwar Korean Popular Song”

Fall 2011

Thu, Sep 1, 2011
Roger Moseley (Cornell University): “Ludomusicality: Mozart and the Tetris Effect”

Thu, Sep 22, 2011
Martha Ulloa (Villa Lobos Institute, Brazil): “‘Adiante!’: Southern Cone Currents — Some Thoughts Towards a Re-appraisal of Latin American Popular Music Studies”

Thu, Oct 6, 2011
Brian Kane (Yale University): “Kafka and the Problem of Acousmatic Sound”

Fri, Oct 14, 2011
Don Randel (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation): “The Place of Arts in a Research University”

Thu, Nov 3, 2011
Matthew Smith (Cornell University): “Gesamtkunstwerk and Glitch: Robert Lepage’s Ring across Media”

Thu, Dec 1, 2011 – Lenore Coral Memorial Speaker
Nicholas Mathew (University of California, Berkeley): “Domesticated Masterworks: Beethoven’s Late Kitsch”

Spring 2011

Thu, Feb 17, 2011
Sindhumathi Revuluri (Harvard University): “French Folksongs and the Invention of History”

Thu, Feb 24, 2011
Robert Winter (University of California, Los Angeles): “How They Played Chopin, How We Played Chopin: A Case Study”

Thu, Mar 3, 2011
Honey Meconi (Eastman School of Music): “The Unknown Hildegard: Editing, Performance, and Reception”

Tue, Mar 15, 2011
Simon Morrison (Princeton University): “On Romeo and Juliet, Music and Dance, and Happy Endings”

Thu, Mar 31, 2011
Damien Mahiet (Cornell University): “The Art of Composing the Nations in Concert”

Thu, Apr 14, 2011 – Philomela Speaker
Lydia Goehr (Columbia University): “Contesting Art(s) at the Opera”

Thu, Apr 21, 2011 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Mary Ann Smart (University of California, Berkeley): “Of Censorship, Plagiarism, and Backshadowing, or How Political Were Verdi’s Operas?”

Thu, Apr 28, 2011
Nicholas Salvato (Cornell University): “Cringe Criticism: On Embarrassment and Tori Amos”

Fall 2010

Thu, Sep 16, 2010
Robert Gjerdingen (Northwestern University): “Violet Paget, Alma Deutscher, and a Mozart Adagio at the Movies”

Thu, Sep 23, 2010
Evan Cortens (Cornell University): “Voices and Invoices: The Hamburg Vocal Ensemble of C. P. E. Bach”
Anaar Desai-Stephens (Cornell University): “Playing their Part: The Changing Role of Female Instrumentalists in North Indian Music”

Thu, Oct 7, 2010
James Burns (SUNY Binghamton): “Rhythmic Archetypes in Instrumental Music from Africa and the Diaspora”

Thu, Oct 14, 2010
Anne Walters Robertson (University of Chicago): “Masses Based on Secular Songs in the New Christology of Mid-Fifteenth-Century Europe”

Thu, Oct 21, 2010
Tom Beghin (McGill University): “The Virtual Haydn”

Thu, Oct 28, 2010
Rebecca Harris-Warrick (Cornell University): “Parsing the Prologue”

Thu, Nov 18, 2010 – Lenore Coral Memorial Speaker
Jessica Waldoff (College of the Holy Cross): “Seduction and the (Mis)Representation of Love in Mozart’s Da Ponte Operas”

Thu, Dec 2, 2010
Mark Ferraguto (Cornell University): “Beethoven à la moujik: Russianness and Learned Style in the ‘Razumovsky’String Quartets”

Spring 2010

Thu, Mar 4, 2010
J. Martin Daughtry (New York University): “A Painful and Necessary Noise: Thoughts on the Sonic Dimension of Operation Iraqi Freedom”

Thu, Apr 1, 2010
Jeffrey Kallberg (University of Pennsylvania): “Chopin’s Pencil”

Thu, Apr 8, 2010
Michael Klein (Temple University): “Lutoslawski, Molar and Molecular”

Thu, Apr 15, 2010 – Philomela Speaker
Martha Feldman (University of Chicago): “Castrato De Luxe: Blood, Gifts, and Goods”

Thu, Apr 29, 2010
Donald Mintz (Montclair State University): “How May We Talk About the Mendelssohn Octet? Analysts and Problems”

Fall 2009

Thu, Sep 17, 2009
Rachel Lewis (Cornell University): “Engendering Displacement: Film, Music, and the Limits of Humanitarian Advocacy”

Thu, Sep 24, 2009
Roger Moseley (University of Chicago): “Presenting the Past: the Experience of Historically Inspired Keyboard Improvisation”

Thu, Oct 1, 2009
Theo Cateforis (University of Syracuse): “Maybe It’s White to Be Nervous Now: From Neurasthenia to New Wave”

Thu, Oct 8, 2009
David Yearsley (Cornell University): “What is a Sängerin?”

Wed, Oct 28, 2009
Larry Todd (Duke University): “Mendelssohn and the Contrapuntal Tradition”

Thu, Nov 5, 2009 – Lenore Coral Memorial Speaker
Emanuele Senici (University of Rome): “’Live’ Opera on Screen”

Thu, Nov 19, 2009
Nancy November (University of Auckland): “Performance History and Beethoven’s String Quartets: Setting the Record Crooked”

Spring 2009

Thu, Jan 29, 2009
Geoffrey Burgess (Eastman School of Music): “A l’ouverture des enfers”

Thu, Feb 5, 2009
Kim Kowalke (Eastman School of Music): “Sweeney’s Demons: Genre, Style, and Medium”

Thu, Feb 12, 2009
Mike Lee (Cornell University): “Metrical Accentuation, Musical Form and Tempo Unity in Schubert’s Sonata in A minor, op. 42”

Thu, Mar 26, 2009 – Lenore Coral Memorial Speaker
Katherine Bergeron (Brown University): “The Well-Tuned Mouth”

Thu, Apr 2, 2009
Wolfgang Rathert (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich): “Vers une (nouvelle) musique fleuve?: On Some Tendencies in Contemporary German Music”

Tue, Apr 7, 2009
Jonathan Cross (Oxford University): “Paradise Lost: Neoclassicism, Stravinsky and the Melancholia of Modernism”

Thu, Apr 23, 2009
Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr. (University of Pennsylvania): “Y’all Like That?: Power, Practice, and Contemporary Gospel Music”

Fri, May 1, 2009 – Philomela Speaker
Fabien Lévy (Columbia University): “Playing on Culture: a Short Portrait of My Music”

Fall 2008

Thu, Sep 18, 2008
Christopher Miller (Cornell University): “In the Face of Industri: Alternative Populisms in Indonesian MusikKomtemporer”

Thu, Oct 2, 2008
Catherine Mayes (Cornell University): “A Style hongrois at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century?”

Thu, Oct 16, 2008 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Elaine Sisman (Columbia University): “Fantasy Island: Haydn, Metastasio, and the Nature of Occasional Opera”

Thu, Oct 30, 2008
Ellie Hisama (Columbia University): “The Worlds of Julius Eastman”

Thu, Nov 13, 2008
Javier López Piñón (De Niewe Opera Academie, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague): “Words as Gestures”

Thu, Nov 20, 2008
Robert Morgan (Yale University): “The ‘Obsolete Chord’: Modular Form in Mahler”

Thu, Dec 4, 2008
Lawrence Bernstein (University of Pennsylvania): “Breaking out of the Box: The Finale of Haydn’s Symphony Hob. I:31 (The ‘Hornsignal’)”

Spring 2008

Mon, Feb 11, 2008
Rachel Lewis (Cornell University): “Violent Gifts: Music, Exile, and the Case of the Lesbian Asylum-Seeker in ‘Unveiled’”
Emily Green (Cornell University): “Given Music: Reexamining the Public Act of Dedication”

Mon, Feb 18, 2008
Amanda Eubanks Winkler (Syracuse University): “’Armida’s Picture we from Tasso Drew’?: Versions of the Rinaldo & Armida Story in Late Seventeenth- and Early Eighteenth-Century Operatic Entertainments”

Mon, Mar 10, 2008 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Mary Hunter (Bowdoin College): “Historically Informed Performance and Opera”

Mon, Mar 17, 2008
Annette Richards (Cornell University): “Herder and Song”

Mon, Mar 31, 2008
Brett Boutwell (Cornell University): “Postwar Scientism and Feldman’s Anxiety”

Mon, Apr 7, 2008
Scott DeVeaux (University of Virginia): “Race, Mental Health, and the Analysis of Jazz”

Mon, Apr 14, 2008
Rob Wegman (Princeton University): “’Tis not so sweet now, as it was before’: Origins and Significance of A Musical Topos”

Mon, Apr 21, 2008
Paul Berliner (Duke University): “Thinking in Mbira”

Mon, Apr 28, 2008 – Philomela Speaker
Kofi Agawu (Harvard University)

Fall 2007

Mon, Sep 10, 2007
Alexander Rehding (Harvard University): “Screeching Dissonances, Inaudible Quartertones and Enharmonic Furies in the French Enlightenment”

Mon, Sep 17, 2007
Malcolm Bilson (Cornell University): “Knowing the Score Redux or Some Old Recordings and (Possibly) Some New Insights”

Mon, Sep 24, 2007
William Rothstein (Queens College and CNY, Graduate Center): “La via italiana: The Italian Approach to Nineteenth-century Tonality”

Wed, Sep 26, 2007
Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland): “Philosophical Reflections on Jazz Vocal Improvisation”

Mon, Oct 1, 2007
Charles Kronengold (Wayne State University / Cornell Society for the Humanities): “Presence, Presences and the Present Tense in Modern Gospel”

Mon, Oct 22, 2007
Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University): “Mozart the Borrower”

Mon, Oct 29, 2007
Rebecca Harris-Warrick (Cornell University): “Reading Roland”

Mon, Nov 5, 2007
Raphaëlle Legrand (University of Paris, Sorbonne): “Rameau’s Art d’aimer: Music and Eroticism in the Age of Enlightenment”

Mon, Nov 12, 2007 – Lenore Coral Memorial Speaker
Richard Will (University of Virginia): “Mozart’s Topoi in Performance”

Mon, Nov 26, 2007
David Yearsley (Cornell University): “Princes of War and Peace and their Most Humble Court Composer”

Spring 2007

Mon, Feb 5, 2007
Catherine Mayes (Cornell University): “Domesticating the Foreign: Hungarian-Gypsy Dances in Late-Eighteenth- and Early-Nineteenth-Century Vienna”

Thu, Feb 22, 2007
Fred Lehrdahl (Columbia University) and Carol Krumhansl (Cornell University): “Modeling Tonal Tension”

Mon, Mar 12, 2007
Emily Green (Cornell University): “The Accidental Patron: Dedications to Haydn in the Musical Marketplace”

Mon, Apr 2, 2007
Stephen Meyer (Syracuse University)

Mon, Apr 9, 2007
Berthold Hoeckner (University of Chicago): “Film Music’s Place in Music History”

Mon, Apr 16, 2007 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Kay Kaufman Shelemay (Harvard University): “Performing Community: African Music and Musicians New to North America”

Mon, Apr 23, 2007
Arthur Groos (Cornell University): “Composing the German Artist: Walther’s Songs in Die Meistersinger”

Mon, Apr 30, 2007
Mark Ferraguto (Cornell University) and Martin Kuster (Cornell University): “Perspectives on the ‘Gothic’ in Music circa 1800”

Fall 2006

Mon, Aug 28, 2006
Shane Levesque (Cornell University): “The Art of the Nineteenth-Century Improvised Piano Prelude”

Fri, Sep 8, 2006
Frances-Marie Uitti (Cellist): “The artist discusses her developments in 20th-century extended techniques for cello”

Mon, Sep 11, 2006
Mark Katz (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): “The Emerging Field of Music and Technology Studies”

Mon, Sep 18, 2006
Walter Frisch (Columbia University): “The Ironic German: Schoenberg and the Serenade, op. 24”

Mon, Oct 16, 2006
Judith Peraino (Cornell University): “Straightening Out the ’80s: Sexuality and Synthpop”

Mon, Oct 23, 2006
Rebecca Sager (Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles): “Capturing Caribbean Identities: Exploring Digital Technology in Comparative Music and Movement Research”

Mon, Oct 30, 2006
Bethany Collier (Cornell University): “Happy Birthday, Mas Didik: Contesting and Preserving Tradition in Cross-Gender Performance”
Heather MacLachlan (Cornell University): “Music Among the Chin People of Indianapolis, USA”

Mon, Oct 30, 2006
Zarko Cvejic (Cornell University): “”He Came from Outer Space to Save the Human Race”: Revisiting the Politics of Gender (Dis)Identification with the Help of Klaus Nomi”

Mon, Nov 13, 2006
Steven Huebner (McGill University): “Ravel’s Bawdy”

Fri, Nov 17, 2006
Kristin Taavola (Cornell University): “Towards (and Beyond) an Ethnomusicology of Set Theory”

Spring 2006

Mon, Feb 13, 2006
James Webster (Cornell University): “A Historiography of Great Eighteenth-Century Composers”

Mon, Feb 20, 2006
Kristin Kane (Cornell University): “The Abduction of Helen from Venice: Performing Cavalli’s Elena in the Twenty-First Century”

Mon, Feb 27, 2006
Dave Headlam (Eastman School of Music): “A ‘Complex’ Context for Rhythm in Meters: Berg’s Rhythmic Motives from Wozzeck”

Mon, Mar 6, 2006
Scott Burnham (Princeton University): “Dissonant Mozart”

Mon, Mar 13, 2006
Emanuele Senici (Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies): “Representation and Reality in Rossini’s Italian Operas”

Mon, Mar 27, 2006
Philip Rupprecht (Brooklyn College and CUNY Grad Center): “Complex of Simple Avant-Garde? Brian Ferneyhoughand David Bedford in the 1960s”

Mon, Apr 3, 2006
Martin Hatch (Cornell University) and Ann Warde (Cornell Bioacoustics Research Laboratory): “”Who’s That Out of Tune?” Intonation in Javanese and Western Songs”

Mon, Apr 10, 2006
Emily Green (Cornell University), Rachel Lewis (Cornell University) and Zarko Cvejic (Cornell University): “Reconstructing Public and Private Reception: Three Case Studies in the Nineteenth Century”

Mon, Apr 17, 2006
Bruno Nettl (University of Illinois): “Song Ownership and Control in Blackfoot Culture: An EthnomusicologicalPerspective on Intellectual Property Issues”

Mon, Apr 24, 2006
Philip Chang (Cornell University/Eastman School of Music): “Making Rhythm and Meter: The Case of French Baroque Unmeasured Harpsichord Preludes”

Mon, May 1, 2006 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Suzanne Cusick (New York University): “Buying (Back) the Farm, or Thoughts on the Cultural Work of American Musicologies”

Tue, May 9, 2006 – Philomela Speaker
Lawrence Kramer (Fordham University): “The Death and Life of the Musical Work”

Fall 2005

Mon, Sep 12, 2005
Hermann Danuser (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): “Prophecy and Redemption: On Musical Dramaturgy in Wagner’s Parsifal”

Mon, Sep 26, 2005
Annette Richards (Cornell University): “C. P. E. Bach’s Musical Portraits and the Poetry of the Moment”

Fri, Sep 30, 2005
Robert Sutherland (Chief Librarian, Metropolitan Opera): “Printing and binding issues for composers”

Mon, Oct 3, 2005
Judith Peraino (Cornell University): “Delinquent Descorts”

Mon, Oct 17, 2005
Bethany Collier (Cornell University): “Something Borrowed, Something New: the ‘Chinese’ in New Balinese Dance and Music Compositions”

Mon, Nov 7, 2005
Emma Dillon (University of Pennsylvania): “The Sound of Words: A Grammatical Approach to the Ars AntiquaMotet”

Mon, Nov 21, 2005
Rachel Lewis (Cornell University): “’200 km/h in the Wrong Lane’: Image, Affect, and the Politics of Lesbian Representation in the Music Videos of TATU”

Fall 2004

Mon, Sep 20, 2004
Rebecca Harris-Warrick (Cornell University): “Lucia Goes to Paris: A Tale of Three Theaters”

Mon, Oct 4, 2004
Ulrich Konrad (Universität Würzburg): “Johann Sebastian Bach in Schubert’s Vienna”

Mon, Oct 18, 2004
Eric Van Tassel (Cambridge, England): “’Something Utterly New’: Reconstructing an Early Performance Style in Schubert’s Songs”

Mon, Oct 25, 2004
Travis Jackson (University of Chicago): “What’s Going On: Authorship, Accidents and the Concept Album”

Mon, Nov 1, 2004
Jean-Paul Montagnier (Université de Nancy): “Music, Liturgy, and Ceremonial at the Chapelle Royale of Louis XIV and Louis XV”

Mon, Nov 8, 2004
Augustus Arnone (Cornell University): “The Aesthetics of Textural Ambiguity: Brahms and the Changing Piano”
Emily Dolan (Cornell University): “The Orchestra Machine, Timbre, and the New Listener in the 18th Century”

Fri, Nov 12, 2004
Anders Hillborg (Stockholm, Sweden): “The composer discusses his own music”

Mon, Nov 29, 2004
James Armstrong (Cornell University): “Music of Santeriá: the Melodic and Rhythmic Complexities within the Structure of Batá Drumming”

Spring 2004

Mon, Feb 9, 2004
Rita Ottens (City University (London)): “In the Beginning was Auschwitz: The Yiddish Music Movement in Post-Reunification Germany as a Racial Discourse”

Mon, Feb 16, 2004 – Philomela Speaker
James Hepokoski (Yale University): “Reflections in Beethoven’s Brook”

Mon, Feb 23, 2004
Dimitri Shapovalov (Cornell University): “Stravinsky’s Approach to Text: How to Sing Russian without Accents”

Mon, Mar 1, 2004
Nicholas Wille (Cornell University): “Artificial by Nature: Ravel’s Histoires naturelles”

Mon, Mar 8, 2004 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Reinhold Brinkmann (Harvard University): “Schubert, Linden Trees, and German National Identity: A Song as Subject of History”

Mon, Mar 15, 2004
Emily Dolan (Cornell University): “Style, Structure, and Musical Transience in the Aesthetics of Kant and Herder”

Mon, Mar 29, 2004
Michael Noone (Cornell University): “Choirbook Culture at Toledo Cathedral in the Golden Age (ca. 1480-1604)”

Mon, Apr 5, 2004
Roger Parker (Cambridge University): “Of Andalusian Maidens and Recognition Scenes: Crossed Wires in Il trovatore and La traviata”

Mon, May 3, 2004
Tess Knighton (Cambridge University): “’Pious beyond Belief’: Queen Isabella of Castile (d. 1504) and Developments in Devotional Music in Renaissance Spain”

Fall 2003

Mon, Sep 15, 2003
Steven Stucky (Cornell University): “Searching for the Main Stream”

Mon, Sep 22, 2003
Steven Stucky (Cornell University): “Heart and Brain in Music”

Mon, Sep 29, 2003
Steven Stucky (Cornell University): “The Continuing Story of Harmony”

Mon, Oct 6, 2003
Benoît Bolduc (University of Toronto): “Andromeda Sacrificed: The Theatrical Fortunes of an Image in France and Italy, 1587-1712”

Mon, Oct 20, 2003
Malcolm Bilson (Cornell University): “The Myth of the Authentic Pianoforte”

Mon, Oct 27, 2003
Jann Pasler (University of California, San Diego): “Contingencies of Meaning in Transcriptions and Excerpts: Popularizing Samson et Dalila”

Mon, Nov 3, 2003
Marianne Tettlebaum (Cornell University): “Mozart’s The Magic Flute and the Mystery of Language”

Mon, Nov 10, 2003
Nicholas Mathew (Cornell University): “Beethoven and the Political History of the Sublime”

Mon, Nov 17, 2003
Carol Krumhansl (Cornell University): “Tonality Seen from Across Disciplines”

Mon, Nov 24, 2003
Joel Rubin (Cornell University): “Beyond Bagels and Klezmer: Reflections on the Contemporary American Jewish Klezmer Movement”

Mon, Dec 1, 2003
Francesca Brittan (Cornell University): “Berlioz and the Pathological Fantastic: Melancholy, Monomania, and the Romantic Self”

Spring 2003

Mon, Jan 27, 2003
Dimitri Shapovalov (Cornell University): “’Speaking in Two Voices’: Irony and Lyricism in Early Prokofiev”

Fri, Jan 31, 2003
Thomas Grey (Stanford University): “Wagner, Hanslick, Beckmesser and the Politics of Art in Die Meistersinger”

Mon, Feb 3, 2003
Anthony Newcomb (University of California, Berkeley): “Notions of Notation around 1600”

Mon, Feb 10, 2003
Emily Dolan (Cornell University): “Taming Sonority with Reason: Kant, Rousseau, and the Glass Armonica”

Mon, Feb 17, 2003
Balazs Mikusi (Budapest): “’Learned Style’ in Haydn’s Two Lessing Settings”

Mon, Feb 24, 2003
Glenn Altschuler (Cornell University): “’Great Balls Afire’: Rock n Roll and Sexuality in the 1950s”

Mon, Mar 3, 2003
Bethany Collier (Cornell University): “The Desa-Kala-Patra of Sound: Spirituality, Aesthetics, and Form in Balinese Gamelan”

Mon, Mar 10, 2003 – Philomela Speaker
Ingrid Monson (Harvard University): “Jazz, Modernism, and Politics: the 50s and 60s”

Mon, Apr 7, 2003 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Laurence Dreyfus (King’s College, London): “Text-setting or Text-slaying? — On the Vagaries of Bachian Poetics in the St. John Passion”

Mon, Apr 14, 2003
Augustus Arnone (Cornell University): “Brahms’s Veiled Piano”

Mon, Apr 21, 2003
David Rosen (Cornell University): “The Sound(s) of Music and War in Humphrey Jenning’s 1943 Film, Listening to Britain”

Mon, Apr 28, 2003
Harold Powers (Princeton University): “Musics and Meanings”

Fall 2002

Mon, Sep 9, 2002
Albrecht Riethmüller (Free University, Berlin): “Fantasizing the Chauvinist Beethoven”

Mon, Sep 16, 2002
James Webster (Cornell University): “The 18th Century: A Music-Historical Period?”

Mon, Oct 7, 2002
Mickey Hart (drummer of Grateful Dead, independent producer, performer and author): “Fighting Back: Endangered Musical Communities, the Library of Congress, and the Music Industry”

Mon, Oct 21, 2002
Karol Berger (Stanford University): “L’Orfeo, or the Anxiety of the Moderns”

Mon, Oct 28, 2002
Rebecca Harris-Warrick (Cornell University): “The Unbuttoned Opéra”

Mon, Nov 4, 2002
Michael Noone (Independent scholar, Toledo): “Built in th’eclipse: Editing and Performing the Magnificats of Sebastián de Vivanco (ca. 1551-1622)”

Mon, Nov 11, 2002
Pierpaolo Polzonetti (Cornell University): “Mesmerizing Adultery: Così fan Tutte and the Kornman Scandal”

Mon, Nov 18, 2002
Anne Rasmussen (College of William and Mary): “From Qur’an to Cabaret: Women in Middle Eastern and Islamic Musical Cultures”

Mon, Dec 2, 2002
Annette Richards (Cornell University): “The Ecstasy of the Graveyard”

Spring 2002

Sat, Jan 26, 2002
Brian Robinson (Cornell University): “Metric Displacement in João Gilberto’s 1973 recording of Aguas de março”

Mon, Feb 4, 2002
Cliff Eisen (King’s College, London): “Mozart’s Fearful Leap into the Dark”

Mon, Feb 11, 2002
David Yearsley (Cornell University): “Bach’s Bones”

Wed, Mar 6, 2002 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Richard Leppert (University of Minnesota): “The Musician of the Imagination”

Mon, Mar 25, 2002
Nancy November (Cornell University): “Haydn’s Vocality”

Mon, Apr 1, 2002
Christopher Pfailley (Schoenberg Institute, Vienna): “Franz Schreker and the Pluralities of Modernism”

Mon, Apr 8, 2002
David Brackett (State University of New York at Binghamton): “What a Difference a Name Makes: Two Instances of African-American Popular Music”

Mon, Apr 15, 2002
Carol Babiracki (Syracuse University): “Research Out of Bounds: Interpreting the Performance of India’s Village ‘Courtesans’”

Fri, Apr 19, 2002
Lydia Goehr (Columbia University): “In the Shadow of the Canon”

Mon, Apr 29, 2002
Philip Bohlman (University of Chicago): “The New Europe as the Old: Religion, Revival, and Musical Rites of Return”

Fall 2001

Mon, Sep 10, 2001
Malcolm Bilson (Cornell University): “Mozart, his Piano, and the Use of the Pedal”

Mon, Sep 17, 2001
Willa Collins (Cornell University): “Adolphe Adam’s Le Diable à quatre: A Possible Solution to the Mysterious Disappearance of Popular Ballet”

Mon, Sep 24, 2001
Brooks Kuykendall (Cornell University): “Sir Arthur Sullivan, Patriotism, and Edwardian Music”

Mon, Oct 1, 2001
Nilanjana Bhattacharjya (Cornell University): “Cutting Up Pieces: Aesthetics of Contemporary British Asian Identity”

Mon, Oct 15, 2001
Michael Wheeler (University of Southhampton): “Transforming the Landscape: Jane Austen and her Lost Sister at Chawton House”

Mon, Oct 22, 2001
Alex Ross (The New Yorker Magazine): “Sunken Cathedrals: Tonal Music in the Twentieth Century”

Mon, Oct 29, 2001
Sarah Day-O’Connell (Cornell University): “The Composer, the Surgeon, his Wife and her Poems: Haydn’s English Canzonettes and ??? of Beauty”

Mon, Nov 5, 2001
Ulrich Leisinger (Bach-Archiv, Leipzig)

Mon, Nov 12, 2001
Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University): “Mozart’s Venerabilis barba capucinorum”
Thomas Irvine (Cornell University): “Graceful Zigzags or Organic Chromaticism: How a Contemporary Arrangement Might Throw Light on Mozart’s K 593”

Mon, Nov 26, 2001
Marianne Tettlebaum (Cornell University): “The Art of Music and the Science of Knowledge”

Spring 2001

Mon, Jan 22, 2001
James Webster (Cornell University): “Do Mozart’s Opera Finales Exhibit Musical Form?”

Mon, Jan 29, 2001
Peter Wallis (Victoria University of Wellington): “Legislating for Inspiration”

Mon, Feb 5, 2001
Roe-min Kok (Harvard University): “Childhood as Musical Commodity: Evaluating Robert Schumann’s Music für die Jugend”

Mon, Feb 19, 2001
Martin Skowoack (Bremen): “An Amateur’s Involvement in the Revival of Historical Instruments”

Mon, Feb 26, 2001
Wolf-Dieter Seiffert (Henle Verlag, Munich): “The Analysis of Autograph Corrections and the ‘Authentic’ Interpretation of Musical Works: Mozart’s Six String Quartets Composed for Haydn”

Mon, Mar 5, 2001 – Donald J. Grout Memorial Speaker
Carolyn Abbate (Princeton University): “Meteanpsychotic Wagner”

Mon, Mar 12, 2001
Howard Pollack (University of Houston): “Sexuality, Ethniticy, National Identity, and Social Consciousness in the Work of Aaron Copland”

Mon, Mar 26, 2001
Dimitri Shapovalov (Cornell University): “The Learned Glinka: Definitions of Style and Nationality”

Mon, Apr 2, 2001
Emanuele Senici (Oxford University): “Verdi’s Falstaff and an Italian fin de siècle”

Mon, Apr 9, 2001
Gary Moulsdale (Cornell University): “’This Woman is No Goddess:’ Agency and articulacy in Rossini’s Maometto II”

Mon, Apr 16, 2001
Pierpaolo Polzonetti (Cornell University): “The Insolita forma of Rape: Analyzing the Love Duet in Mascagni’s Iris”

Mon, Apr 23, 2001
Steven Pond (Cornell University): “Resisting Jazz: Reception of the Ken Burns Documentary”

Mon, Apr 30, 2001
Simon Jarvis (Cambridge University): “Musical Thinking”

Mon, May 7, 2001
Martina Homma (Cologne): “Lutoslawski’s 12-tone-technique: Discussing the Composer’s Sketches”

Fall 2000

Mon, Sep 18, 2000
Jeremy Day-O’Connell (Cornell University): “Pentatonic Exoticism Reconsidered”

Mon, Sep 25, 2000
John Daverio (Boston University): “Robert Schumann: Cryptographer or Pictographer?”

Mon, Oct 2, 2000
Judith Peraino (Cornell University): “Listening to the Sirens”

Mon, Oct 16, 2000
Steve Curtis (Cornell University): “’Place’ in Punk-Country Music” and “National Culture and the Politics of Music: Two Nepali Bands in the Global ‘World Music’ Market”

Mon, Oct 30, 2000
Annette Richards (Cornell University): “Gothic Musical Scenes and the Image of Performance”

Mon, Nov 13, 2000
Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University): “Lully’s Invention of the Orchestra: Facts & Fantasies”

Mon, Nov 27, 2000
Art Groos (Cornell University): “Recuperating Madama Butterfly: The Takarazuka Three-Generation-Cho-cho-san”

Mon, Dec 4, 2000
James Webster (Cornell University): “Do Mozart’s Opera Finales Exhibit Musical Form?”