Class of 2023


Music Majors

The department celebrated six music majors in 2023, including five double majors: Ian Ghasemian (Biological Sciences), Adam Ali Abbas Kadhim (Computer Science), Erika Katsumoto (Computer Science), Rachel Kim (Biological Sciences), J.F. Nation, and Hannah Robins (Biological Sciences).

Music Minors

Seventeen students earned a Music Minor this year, demonstrating their commitment to engage with musical theories, materials, and techniques, the study of music in history and culture, and performance while continuing studies in their major. Some were constant members of our ensembles, some were solo performers, and some engaged through musicology or composition. 

We congratulate our minors of 2023: Arlette Sheyla Arroyo, Rochelle Barsz, Julia Bernstein, Nicholas Broussard, Alexandra Castroverde, Brian Chu, Claire Kexuan Kanna Makino-Duan, Frances Gregor, Yufei Huang, Aristotle Kolefas, Isaac Newcomb, Hodaya Propp, Adam Shulman, Justin Tan, Nina Yang, Janna Zilka, Walter Zolezzi

Student Prizes

The Ellen Gussman Adelson Prize, which rewards and encourages outstanding Cornell students excelling in instrumental music performance, went to Richard Zhu, Erika Katsumoto, Olivia Penick, Samantha Rubin, Hannah Robins, and Tanvi Athavale.

The John James Blackmore Prize, which assists undergraduate and graduate students studying music, was awarded to Joshua Rosenheim, Brian Wang, and Thomas Feng.

The H.A. Falconer Memorial Scholarship, which assists talented undergraduates in studying voice, went to Divya Reina and Emily Pollack.

The Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award, which honors a graduate composer for excellent work, went to Maria Bulla.

The Barbara Troxell Vocal Music Award, for outstanding vocal students who evidence professional musical interests, went to Guðrún Brjánsdóttir and Banafsheh Hussain.

The Donald J. Grout Memorial Prize, for recognition of exceptional dissertations, went to Anna Steppler.