Carlota Aguilar-Gonzalez


Carlota Aguilar González (she, her/they, them) is a current Ph.D. student in Musicology. Originally from south Spain, they developed a Hispanic border identity tied by the boundaries of the Atlantic ocean and the sounds of the Canary Islands and Andalucía. They completed their classical training in music studies with a Bachelor´s degree in Viola Performance from the Conservatorio Superior Rafael Orozco in Córdoba, Spain, continuing an itinerary that departed from the western canon to arrive at the most frivolous and eventual Spanish musical phenomena of Cuplé. Motivated by questions of sound, music, power, and meaning, Carlota holds a Bachelors's degree in History and Sciences of Music, and a Master's in Spanish and Hispano-American Music by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Currently, they are part of the graduate student-led coalition Project Spectrum, working as part of the workgroup of Musicolgía Feminista in the SIBE "Society of Etnomusicología" as well. Their work focuses critically on notions of Spanishness and cultural heritage from urban genres to flamenco, deeply investing in social models that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Using the tools from queer theory, race, posthuman and decolonial analysis of music media, voice, and bodies, Carlota seeks to open old and new sounding possibilities for music to emerge.