How I discovered a dozen new Lou Reed songs

By: Judith Peraino ,  Washington Post
Thu, 10/31/2019

In this Washington Post opinion piece, Judith Peraino, music professor, describes her amazing discovery of unknown Lou Reed songs at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

"On Side 1 I heard a mix of several live performances by Reed," she writes. "Warhol hadn’t recorded them, though. As I was to figure out, Reed had selected and dubbed songs from different soundboard recordings from his 1975 tour to create an ideal set list for Warhol. As an example of a personalized mix tape, this was a stunning find in and of itself.

"But the second side! It held 12 full songs that I had never heard before. I’ve taught courses on rock and punk for more than 20 years at Cornell University, so I know Reed’s catalogue well, from his influential 1960s band the Velvet Underground to his beautiful tribute to Warhol, “Songs for Drella” (1990), and beyond."

Read Peraino's entire op-ed.

  Judith Peraino