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Mark your calendars for Cornell Giving Day, March 14th

Cornell’s composers, performers, and music scholars shape the character of musical life in every corner of our campus, with an impact that continues far into the wider world. We provide opportunities for study and performance under the guidance of distinguished faculty, as part of an education at a great university.

Our students and faculty present imaginative and innovative music-making, research, and other creative activities as part of their Cornell experience and to share with the community. Your donation of any size on March 14 will go towards direct costs of music making, including scholarships. Thank you for your generosity and for making a difference for our students! Hear directly from them below:

Music has instilled a degree of discipline and attentiveness that I apply when working in research or in medicine, and music provides an extra dimension to my work by providing me with another passion between my academic pursuits. 

Jonathan Indajang, ‘25

My favorite part about being in the Wind Symphony is being able to explore new composers from backgrounds and parts of the world that we don’t get to hear in the U.S. I love being able to interact with many different soloists and composers; this makes the musical process feel more personal and engaging. I also love the community engagement. Seeing the public enjoy the hard work we’ve done and learn from us makes it all so worth it. 

Camron Ray, ‘26

The opportunity to develop a strong relationship with phenomenal Jazz educator and musician Paul Merrill, the ability to perform an advanced repertoire with students from all colleges and majors, and the amazing experience of playing with a renowned guest musician each semester makes playing in the Jazz Ensemble a second-to-none-opportunity.

Turner Aldrich, ‘26

I continued my music journey at Cornell in many different directions. I took Songwriting class, joined the improv ensemble, learned the history and technology of organs, experimented with sound design, and joined bands - most notably The Fuse, which played at Slope Day in 2022 and 2023.

Isaac Newcomb, Grad

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Support Music on March 14!