Sierra's 33 Sueños released on IBS Classical

A new recording of music by Professor Roberto Sierra has been released on the IBS Classical label. Titled 33 Suenõs, the CD features two works composed by Sierra: 33 Sueños, using poems of Juan Carlos Garvayo, performed by Javier Povedano, baritone, and Garvayo, piano, as well as Julia, using poems of Julia de Burgos, performed by Quiteria Muñoz, soprano, and Garvayo, piano. 

The CD is already receiving praise from critics. El Diario de Sevilla, a major Spanish newspaper, had this to say:

"Sierra's music is born from a fertile confluence of styles between tradition, modernity and folklore. In these song cycles the communication with the listener is preserved by a style of singing that moves between declamation and lyricism and by a piano accompaniment that if in Julia it seems to probe impressionist and pointillist waters, in 33 Sueños it unfolds in a variety of resources that do not disdain musical painting, although they never fall into the obvious or the most univocal realism. It would be a betrayal of the poetic content of the cycle: the interplay with the oneiric is in the literature of Garvayo as well as in the music of Sierra, one of the great masters of American music of our time.” (Translated from the original Spanish)

The full review can be found here. More information on the CD is available on the IBS Classical website.


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