Papalexandri awarded Aurelie Nemours Prize

Assistant Professor Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri and her long-term collaborator and former Cornell Artist in Residency (2016-2018) Pe Lang have been awarded the 2021 Aurelie Nemours Prize, in recognition of their significant work in sound kinetic arts as well as their overall contribution to the fields of visual and sound art.

The award ceremony was held at the Drawing Lab in Paris in June 2022, where the award was presented by the Chancellor of the Institut of France and President of the Foundation Nemours, Mr. Xavier Darcos, and the President of the Nemours Cultural Association, Member of the Aurelie Nemours Foundation, Mr. Serge Lemoine.

The award ceremony was followed by the opening of a major exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Aurelie Nemours Foundation, at which Papalexandri and Lang presented their new sound kinetic sculpture Swarm N2 (2022), along with works by the 12 laureates of the Aurelie Nemours Prize, as well as a catalogue presentation. The exhibition at Drawing Lab in Paris is open to the public until September 21, 2022, and is curated by Serge and Marie-Sophie Lemoine.


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