Forte/Piano Summer Academy Welcomes Applications

The Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards is pleased to announce the inaugural Forte/Piano Summer Academy in the summer of 2022. For seven days on the Cornell University campus, 12 young pianists will be invited from around the world on full-tuition to be immersed in one of the world’s most significant collections of performance-ready historical pianos. Participants will work intimately with internationally-renowned artists (Malcolm Bilson, Tuija Hakkila, Mike Cheng-Yu Lee, and Roberto Poli) in daily masterclasses and have the opportunity of a lifetime to practice daily and perform on historical pianos from the Cornell collection. The curriculum concentrates on solo piano repertoire ranging from the late Baroque to the early 20th century, explored through all of the representative pianos spanning this history.

Applicants under 35 years of age (by July 31, 2022) of any nationality are welcome. Pianists with no prior experience with historical pianos are encouraged to apply. While all backgrounds and experiences are welcomed, participants are envisioned to be music students (pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate) or young professional musicians. The application information is available online, and submissions are due by May 15, 2022. 

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Mike Lee shows the inner workings of a keyboard instrument while students look on