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Cornell has an impressive collection of organs representing various national traditions, and covering a broad chronological span. The centerpiece of the Cornell collection is the magnificent Cornell Baroque Organ (2011), built at GOArt and in upstate New York. It is a German baroque organ of two manuals and pedal housed in Anabel Taylor Chapel. The collection also includes an important Aeolian Skinner organ (1940) located in Sage Chapel; a historic Italian organ, built by Augustinus Vicedomini in 1746; and a central German chamber organ of one manual with pedal built at the Gothenburg Organ Art Center in 2003.

For more information, click here to visit the Organs at Cornell site.


Cornell’s collection of 18th- and 19th-century pianos is wide-ranging and of outstanding quality. It includes both original instruments, and copies of historical instruments made by leading contemporary builders, designed for the historically-informed performance of classic and romantic repertories.

Original instruments:

  • Original 1827 Broadwood Grand Piano
  • Original 1868 7′ Erard Grand Piano

Historical copies:

  • Copy of 1784 Johann Andreas Stein 5-octave fortepiano, built by Thomas McCobb in 1972
  • Copy of ca. 1800 Anton Walter 5 1/2 octave fortepiano, built by Paul McNulty in 2002
  • Copy of 1824 Conrad Graf 6 1/2 octave fortepiano build by Rodney Regier in 2000


Cornell currently has two harpsichords: a French-style two-manual instrument built by William Dowd in 1978, and a two-manual Flemish-style harpsichord built by Frank Hubbard in 1969 and refurbished by Hendrik Broekman in 2007.