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McNulty fortepiano keyboard

Center for Historical Keyboards

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2019 will see the launch of the Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards, where the University's 18th- and 19th-century instruments will be kept in concert-ready condition for historically-informed study, performance, and recording of classic and romantic repertories. The new Center is made possible by a generous grant and will house clavichords, harpsichords, and synthesizers as well as Malcolm Bilson's personal collection of historical pianos.

Instruments include

  • 1784 Stein, by McCobb
  • 1805 Walter, by McNulty

McNulty fortepiano

  • 1812 Fritz, by McNulty  

  • 1824 Graf, by Regier

Regier Graf fortepiano

  • 1825 Leschen

  • 1827 Broadwood
  • 1830 Simon  

  • 1855 Pleyel pianino
  • 1870 Schweighofer

  • 1868 Erard

Erard piano

  • 1878 Blüthner, "Aliquot grand" ["1855-1878"]

Bluthner piano

  • clavichord
  • harpsichords
  • Moog

The Center's first festival, Fugitive Resonance: The Piano in the Early 20th Century, will take place in late January and will feature the Blüthner "Aliquot grand" piano. More details are forthcoming.

For questions about the Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards, please email the program coordinator, Kiko Nobusawa, at We also serve as the administrative office of the Westfield Center for Historical Keyboard Studies, and Keyboard Perspectives published annually by the Westfield Center. Visit for more information about Westfield's activities.