Jihyun Kim receives A&S teaching award

Tue, 05/21/2019

College of Arts & Sciences graduate students were recognized earlier this month at a reception honoring their skills as teaching assistants and mentors to undergraduate students.

“The graduate students being honored received stellar teaching evaluations and strong recommendations from their undergraduates and from faculty,” said Michael Goldstein, associate professor of psychology.  “They created innovative courses in their departments, the Freshman Writing Seminars or the Writing in the Majors program. They were willing to get out from behind the podium and try new methods of instruction.”

Jihyun Kim, a DMA composition student in the Music Department, was one of four recipients of a Stephen and Margery Russell Distinguished Teaching Award, which recognizes devotion to teaching. The award confers $1,500 to each recipient, as well as $500 to their respective departments to further undergraduate teaching and learning. 

The awards are supported by alumni gifts and recognize innovative teaching, student counseling, classroom presence, preparation, administration and the development of new courses. Ray Jayawardhana, the Harold Tanner Dean of Arts & Sciences, presented the awards at a ceremony in Goldwin Smith Hall.

Jihyun Kim