Giving Day is March 12

Mon, 03/09/2020

Please visit our Giving Day landing page on March 12 to contribute! Cornell’s composers, performers, and music scholars shape the character of musical life in every corner of our campus, with an impact that continues far into the wider world. We provide opportunities for study and performance under the guidance of distinguished faculty, as part of an education at a great university. Read below for testimonials from alumni and current students about the impact their music study has had on their lives.

Brigid Lucey ‘18

Brigid LuceyParticipating in ensembles and taking advantage of other opportunities in the Music Department equipped me with both administrative and artistic professional skills that I carry with me today. I think coupling large ensemble experience with independent study and lessons is integral to my happiness and success as a musician, and I was lucky to participate in both while at Cornell.

I'm now pursuing a Masters of Music in Voice and Opera at McGill University, thanks to the support and care of so many mentors in the Cornell Music Department, with special guidance from the vocal studies and choral programs. Access to experts in the faculty, countless resources through the library, and such beautiful facilities are just a few reasons why Cornell inspired my love for music and my passion to continue studying!

Although Giving Day has financial implications, I believe it is a vital platform for each of us to celebrate the organizations and programs that have challenged us to be better versions of ourselves, supported us in times of distress, and empowered us to improve Cornell in tangible, and intangible, ways. I can say for certain that the Cornell Music Department has done just that, and I am excited to participate in this year's Giving Day by giving back what I can!

Josh Sadinsky ‘19

Josh SadinskyStudying music at Cornell equipped me with the critical analysis skills necessary for artists to speak and write about their work. Since the Cornell music department is deeply academic in nature, I learned how to read complex musicological texts and distill authors' arguments. This expanded my understanding of music and sound, and has given me important writing skills to articulate my own work. 

I am currently an MFA student at the California Institute of the Arts studying piano/keyboard. I wanted to come to CalArts because of the experimental and performance aspect of the music department. At Cornell, I engaged in a lot of musicological discussions about music, and so I felt like coming to a more performance based school would be a good way for me to get outside of my comfort zone and grow in that regard.

I support giving day because it sends a strong message of generosity. The Cornell community has given me a lot to help me succeed in life, so one of the ways I can give back is to support the communities I love by making contributions. That being said, I'm still a poor college student! So I usually give in small amounts that I know I can afford, but that I know will still make a difference. Every dollar counts, and a donation of any amount sends a positive message of support.

Kieran Loehr ‘20

Kieran LoehrI am currently a senior at Cornell and the music department has helped me in so many ways. Since my freshman year I have played alto saxophone in the Cornell Jazz Ensemble, which gave me the opportunity to play with and learn from numerous guest artists that Cornell brings in every semester. Furthermore, since my sophomore year, I have been involved in the Jazz Combos. For my first two years I was a member of the Original Cornell Syncopators and had the opportunity to play throughout the Northeast as well as record two albums. As I move from Cornell after graduation, I am sure to continue making music, and I know I will cherish my musical memories.


Otto Doering ‘62
Chair, Cornell Friends of Music

Music is an important part of my life. I cannot imagine being without it. Much of my music education and experience occurred while I was an undergraduate at Cornell - singing and recording University Orchestra performances for the Department. I was not a music major. In music, I was surrounded by those across campus from agriculture to engineering to architecture. The Music Department at Cornell was and is almost unique in the extent to which it serves the whole university and has a core mission of involving as many students as possible. The music lives with them no matter what their future path may be.

The musical experiences we received at Cornell led a number of us to encourage a Cornell Friends of Music initiative more than four decades ago. Our objective is to give the Music Department resources which will allow it to better encourage music of all sorts at Cornell. The Friends of Music Fund is dedicated to supporting student performances and involvement. Over the years we have had significant impact providing extra resources for ensemble tours, paying for instrument repairs and purchases, and supporting scholarships for music lessons which are not covered by tuition. This semester alone, more than 230 students are enrolled in music lessons, and many receive need and merit- based scholarships.

This impact is made possible by the dedicated group that has supported the Friends of Music for over forty years. On Giving Day, the Cornell Community rallies together from all over the world to make a difference in the lives of students. Please consider joining us on March 12th (or anytime) to contribute to the Friends of Music. I assure you that your gift will make a difference, no matter the size.

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