Endowment Funded for Steven Stucky Memorial Residency

Wed, 06/20/2018

The Cornell University Department of Music is pleased to announce the successful funding of the endowment for the Steven Stucky Memorial Residency for New Music. Through the generosity of more than 50 donors, the original goal was far surpassed, bringing the total endowment to more than $335,000 with another $45,000 pledged. Leadership gifts to the fund to date have included substantial contributions from devoted music department supporters Priscilla Browning, Ronni Lacroute, and Elaine Sisman and Martin Fridson. Their gifts provided the needed foundation and momentum to bring this campaign to fruition. In addition to numerous individual gifts, a performance in the Los Angeles home of Nancy and Mike Mooslin, featuring pianists Xak Bjerken and Gloria Cheng, served as a benefit concert for the fund.

The residency program, led by a committee chaired by Bjerken and Kevin Ernste, is envisaged as a way to bring an internationally-renowned chamber ensemble to Cornell at least twice a year to perform new music by Cornell composers, to coach Cornell student musicians in advanced performance techniques, and to collaborate with Cornell faculty on programs highlighting art music of the 20th and 21st centuries. This residency will bring national prominence to new music composition and performance on campus, ensuring Cornell continues to recruit the best students from around the world. An announcement of the inaugural residency is forthcoming, and a new ensemble will be appointed annually.

“I am delighted to see an idea that Steve spent years advocating become a reality,” says Department Chair Steven Pond. “Steve continuously campaigned to encourage new music and believed strongly in the importance of our students working with the finest musicians possible. With the generous help of our friends and alumni, we are pleased to put this legacy program into motion.”

The Department of Music gratefully acknowledges the donors who have made this endowment a reality:

  • Stephen J. Adelson
  • Ellen G. Adelson
  • Curtis Vincent Anastasio
  • Lorraine Nicholas Anastasio
  • Robert S. Attiyeh
  • Linda Attiyeh
  • R. Sterling Beckwith
  • Helen I. Bendix
  • Bonna J. Boettcher
  • Priscilla E. Browning
  • Patrick Calmon de Carvalho Braga
  • James Philip Cassaro
  • Chia-Chi Chen
  • Gloria Chien Cheng
  • Jeffrey H. Cooper
  • Nanette Michele Cooper-McGuinness
  • Evan Philip Cortens
  • Donald Crockett
  • Rebecca Schaefer Cypess
  • Peggy E. Daub
  • Barbara W. Doering
  • Otto C. Doering III
  • Emily I. Dolan
  • Gail E. Eichenthal
  • Mary C. Falvey
  • Man Fang
  • Clare Fewtrell
  • Tracy E. Finn
  • David J.L. Finn
  • Lee Allison Fleisher
  • Martin Fridson
  • Rosemary Gent
  • Lenore S. Greenberg
  • Joseph Alfred Gregorio
  • Ronald Morgan Harris-Warrick
  • Rebecca Harris-Warrick
  • David Howard
  • Martha R. Hsu
  • Patricia Hurley
  • Lauren Jacobs
  • Leo Kan
  • John A. Kronstadt
  • Ronni Lacroute
  • David S. Lefkowitz
  • Laura R. Lefkowitz
  • Bethany Jean Collier Malone
  • Charles Matays
  • Sherry G. Matays
  • Nathaniel Thomas McEwen
  • David P. McGuinness
  • Donald M. Mintz
  • Roger Moseley
  • Benjamin D. Piekut
  • Steven F. Pond
  • Jeffrey Richard Rehbach
  • John F. Rogers
  • Brett David Rosenau
  • Peter Savli
  • Barrett Todd Shirley
  • Elaine Sisman
  • Amy Siu
  • Donald S. Sloan
  • Matthew V. Testa
  • Jessica P. Waldoff
  • David B Weaver
  • Anna T. Weesner
  • Gregory Reed Weisbrod

To make a contribution to the Steven Stucky Memorial Residency for New Music, please visit http://music.cornell.edu/stuckyendowment, or send a check payable to “Cornell University” (Memo: Steven Stucky Endowment) to: Cornell University, Box 37334, Boone, IA 50037-0334


Steven Stucky