Cornell ReSounds Festival Sept. 4-5

Wed, 08/18/2021

Cornell ReSounds aims to establish Cornell as a center for the design and creation of new musical instruments and a hub for Cornell’s creative artists – a dialogue between the future of instrument-building and collaborative artistic creation. Looking at tradition and past inventions as a way forward, Cornell’s technologists, engineers, and instrument builders will work alongside performers and composers to create a body of site-specific work for these instruments, documented in a series of video performances and digitally released to the public. 

For many of us, live performance represents a sacred ritual, one that begins as you take your place next to a stranger and ends with senses elevated, one that vanished as the pandemic spread. As we slowly approach a new normal, this ritual looks markedly different. The ReSounds Festival celebrates this newness as intimate collaborations, new music and unusual spaces intersect to create a soundscape that is uniquely Ithacan. This series of artistic presentations — music, dance, poetry, theater, sound sculptures – reminds us of the power of undistracted listening, of being fully present.

We invite you to join us in a walk to six spaces around the arts quad and then onto the after party at the A.D. White House as Cornell exuberantly ReSounds! Click here for the complete schedule.

Please note we will continue to follow university-wide guidelines regarding Covid-19. Updates may be found here:

The Cornell ReSounds project is funded by a New Frontier Grant awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Cornell Council for the Arts, as well as a Humanities Impact Grant, funded by the office for the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

Multicolored painting of abstract art