Anti-Racist statement from the Department of Music

Fri, 03/19/2021

A statement from Professor Alejandro L. Madrid, Chair of the Department of Music:

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff Colleagues,
The Department of Music at Cornell University stands in solidarity with Asian and Asian American students, faculty, and staff across campus. We strongly condemn the rise of acts of racism and violence against Asians and Asian-Americans in our country and want to assure our community of our continuous commitment to keep our campus, and especially our music community, a safe space for everyone regardless of race, ethnic background, or gender identity. The recent Atlanta-area shootings are a sad and radical example of these kinds of hateful and criminal acts. They stand in sharp opposition to who we are and strive to be as artists, scholars, and human beings.
Music students, faculty, and staff who feel threatened, unsafe, or experience any form of racist violence are encouraged to contact a faculty and staff who you feel comfortable with and report the incident. We want to remind you that we are here to support you.
In solidarity,
Alejandro L. Madrid

Lincoln Hall