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Professors Sierra and Bjerken working in Barnes Hall Auditorium

Honors in Music

The honors program in music is intended to provide special distinction for the department’s ablest undergraduate majors. Qualified students are invited to become candidates in the second semester of their junior year. As soon as possible thereafter, the student forms a committee of three or more faculty members to guide and evaluate the honors work. In their senior year, candidates enroll in MUSIC 4911-4912, with the chair of the honors committee as instructor.

Candidates are encouraged to formulate programs that allow them to demonstrate their musical and scholarly abilities, culminating in an honors thesis, composition, or recital, to be presented not later than April 1 of the senior year. An oral examination on the honors project will be administered by the candidate’s committee not later than April 20. The level of honors conferred is based primarily on the candidate’s performance in the honors program, and secondarily on the candidate’s overall record in departmental courses and activities.