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Music Major Degree Requirements

For Majors entering the program Spring 2015 and after. Degree requirements for Majors entering the program before Spring 2015, click here.

Prerequisite Requirements

The following courses are pre-requisites for the major. A grade of B or better in needed to qualify
Music 2101 – Theory, Material & Techniques I (Fall only)
Music 2201 – Introduction to Music Studies (Spring only)

Core Curriculum Requirements

Majors are expected to meet the following curriculum requirements with a grade of C or better:

  1. General Requirements

One 1/2000-level History & Culture (H&C) or Materials & Techniques (M&T) course
Music 3211 – Junior/Senior Seminar in Musicology

  1. Materials & Techniques

Music 2102 – Theory, Materials & Techniques II
One 3/4000-level Materials & Techniques course

  1. History & Culture

Music 2207 – Histories of Western Music I or Music 2208 Histories of Western Music II
One 3/4000-level History & Culture course

  1. Collaborative Performance

Two semesters of Collaborative Performance in a musical organization or ensemble is required. If the organization or ensemble is not sponsored by the Department of Music, participation must be registered and overseen via a 1-credit independent study with a faculty member. (Courses are typically numbered 3601-3660 and 4601-4651.)

  1. Electives

In addition to the above required courses, majors must take either one further 3/4000-level elective (History & Culture, Materials & Techniques, or a suitable course cross-listed in another department), or 4 credits of Individual Instruction (Music 3501, MUSIC 3502 and/or Music 4501)


When to take Courses

A form is kept in the department office through which music majors and their advisors keep track of the student’s progress through the music curriculum. The ideal sequence of required classroom courses for a music major would be as follows:

Freshman Year: 1/2000-level H&C or M&T course (preferably MUSIC 1101 in Fall); Music 2201

Sophomore Year: MUSIC 2101 (Fall); MUSIC 2102 (Spring);  Music 2207 or Music 2208

Junior Year: Music 3211; one 3/4000 H&C or M&T

Senior Year: Remaining 3/4000 H&C or M&T; 3/4000 Elective, if necessary