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Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit

Advanced Placement

The music department does not offer advanced placement in music theory. Each fall, a diagnostic exam will be given at the first class meeting of Theory, Materials and Techniques I (Music 2101), which will help determine the appropriate course of study for each student.


Transfer Credit

Students who have taken music courses at other institutions of higher education and who wish to have the credit transferred to Cornell must have the courses evaluated by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This means that students should save the course syllabus and any written work or exams from courses taken elsewhere.

For non-majors, courses need not have exact equivalencies to Cornell music department courses in order for transfer credit to be awarded, but they must have been taught at an equivalent level.
For music majors seeking to replace a course required for the major, the material covered must be equivalent, especially in music theory, and the grade earned must be at least a B.
For more information about the procedures in the College of Arts and Sciences for transferring credit, click here.