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Classroom Courses for Non-Majors

Several music courses have no prerequisite at all, while others require some ability to read music, which may be learned concurrently via enrollment in MUSIC 1100, Elements of Notation (a 1-credit course that lasts for only four weeks, at the start of each semester). If in doubt about whether or not you meet the prerequisite, contact the instructor, preferably during the pre-enrollment period. Courses are for 3 credits, unless noted otherwise.

Not every course listed is offered every year. Please refer to the Courses of Study for the most current course listings.  Click here for course descriptions.

Courses that have no prerequisite
1100 Elements of Musical Notation (1 credit; F or Sp)
1101 Fundamentals of Music
1201 [European Music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque]
1202 Classical Music from 1750 to the Present
1301 [Music in the African Diaspora]
1312 History of Rock Music
1313 A Survey of Jazz
1320 [Music in Latin America](crosslisted)
1321 Music of Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora(crosslisted)
1330 African Music
1341 Gamelan in Indonesian History and Cultures
1465 [Computing in the Arts]; see CS 1650
2006 [Punk Culture:  The Aesthetics and Politics of Refusal ](crosslisted)
2221 Bach and Handel
2224 Mozart in History, History in Mozart
2241  [Music as Drama; An Introduction to Opera]
2244  The Music, Art, and Technology of the Organ
2250  [The American Musical]
2260  [Music of the 1960s]
2270  [Thinking with Music]
2280  Experimental Music
2320  [Latino Music in the US](crosslisted)
2330 Music in and of Contemporary East Asia (crosslisted)
2340  The Beatles]\
2642  The Art of Math: Mathematical Tradition of Symmetry and Harmony(crosslisted)
3240  Musical Technologies and the Natural World
3303  [Discovering Hip-Hop: Research and the Cornell Hip-Hop Collection]
3360 Histories and Philosophies of Improvisation
3470 Bollywood Songs and South Asian Culture(crosslisted)
3480 [Brazilian Culture through Its Music]
3490  Hip Hop in Global Perspective

Courses that have a prerequisite of ability to read music, concurrent enrollment in Music 1100, or permission of instructor
1105 Introduction to Music Theory

Courses that require permission of instructor (this requirement has to do with limitations of instruments, equipment, or space)
1421 Introduction to Computer Music
1466 Physic of Musical Sound; see PHYS 1204
2111  Songwriting
2421 [Computers in Music Performance]