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Distribution Requirement

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences may apply either one or two music department courses toward the distribution requirement in Literature and the Arts (LA) or Cultural Analysis (CA), as noted. Neither first-year seminars nor advanced placement credit count toward this requirement.

If one music course is counted for distribution, it must carry at least 3 credits, and it may not be in Individual Instruction or in Musical Organizations and Ensembles. Any two of the 2-credit courses (MUSIC 3112, 3113, 3114) count as one course for this purpose.

If two music courses are counted for distribution in LA, they must total at least 6 credits, and at least one of the courses must be academic (as described in the preceding paragraph), not performance-oriented. The second “course,” however, may comprise either up to 4 credits earned in Individual Instruction (MUSIC 3501, 3502, or 4501) or up to 4 credits earned in Organizations and Ensembles (MUSIC 3601 through 3634 and 4601 through 4651), but not both.