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Courses in the Department of Music are open to all students enrolled at Cornell, regardless of college. Some of the courses are intended primarily for music majors, but many are open to students with varying degrees of background in music or to those studying music for the first time. Learn more about classroom courses intended for non-majors.

Music courses may be used to satisfy distribution requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences; for more information click here.

A concentration in Computing in the Arts with an emphasis on music is available both to music majors and to students in the Arts College majoring in other subjects. Students from all colleges have the option to minor in music.

Most of the music courses taught at Cornell originate in the Department of Music, but some have been developed in other departments and are cross-listed with Music. For descriptions of cross-listed courses, please consult the relevant department. For descriptions of all the courses offered by the Department of Music (not just those that are being taught in the current academic year), click here.

For a  roster of course times and locations or a list of all courses that will be offered by the Department of Music in the current academic year, please refer to the links in the left sidebar under “Related Resources”.

Upper-level Courses

Courses at the 3000- and 4000-levels are intended primarily for music majors, but are also open to qualified non-majors.

First-Year Writing Seminars

At least one first-year writing seminar is taught in the Department of Music every semester. Such courses do not satisfy distribution or music-major requirements, but can provide a way of exploring musical interests. Learn More ›