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The admissions process is handled individually by each of the undergraduate colleges at Cornell. Potential music majors should apply to the College of Arts and Sciences via Cornell’s Office of Admissions. (Students who enroll in other colleges may nonetheless take courses in the Music Department, perform in the department’s ensembles, or minor in music.) It is not necessary to audition to be admitted to Cornell. All application materials, with the exception of recordings and scores, should be sent directly to the admissions office of the relevant college.

Students who excel in musical performance or composition may wish to supplement their applications with a recording or musical score. Students should submit recordings only if they believe that their musical abilities will enhance their application. These materials are evaluated by faculty members in Music and the evaluations are then forwarded to the respective college’s admissions office. The evaluation of musical accomplishment among applicants to Cornell attempts to identify candidates with a distinguishing excellence in music. Such accomplishment suggests that a student is able to concentrate on difficult long-term goals and to achieve them. Click here for instructions on how to submit recordings or scores.

Recordings and scores submitted as part of the admissions process do not replace live auditions for ensembles or lessons; these take place at the start of every semester. No audition is required of potential music majors, either live or recorded, as the application to become a music major is made after the student has enrolled at Cornell, usually in the sophomore year.