Support Music on Giving Day March 14!

Mon, 03/11/2019

On March 14, 2019, Giving Day is an opportunity for Cornellians to come together around the world to make a difference for our students and community. The Department of Music will direct your gift to provide scholarships for music lessons to students in need.

Music at Cornell is a destination for students from all seven Colleges seeking to gain a fuller, richer experience at Cornell through musical education. We provide opportunities for study and performance under the guidance of a distinguished faculty, as part of an education at a great university. To deepen their musical education, students work individually with lessons instructors, who provide challenge and growth and encourage mastery of a student’s chosen instrument. The cost of lessons is in addition to tuition.

Alice Chen, a computer science major, studies voice and sings in the Chorale, and describes how music study is impacting not only her singing voice, but also her relationship with the community:

“I've always liked to sing, but I thought I didn't have a voice, and I was too self-conscious when I performed for any audience. But taking voice lessons at Cornell made me realize that almost anyone, including me, can sing well with some guidance, practice, and reflection, and that to perform in front of other people is not to show how good we are, but to express and share something meaningful and important to us. The scholarship I receive further encourages me to continue being involved in the music community, share my love for music, and give back to the community after I graduate.”

Please visit our Giving Day landing page on March 14 to contribute!

If you prefer to designate your gift to another department fund, please note the purpose in the donation form.

The Cornell Alma Mater brings Cornellians together from around the world with a variety of voices, so please add yours to the mix by contributing this Giving Day!

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