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Bailey Hall

Performance Spaces

Performance Spaces

Barnes Hall

The auditorium in Barnes Hall is the Music Department’s primary performance space. It seats about 280 and is ideal for recitals, chamber music, and small ensembles. The green room is used as a practice space for performers on fortepianos or harpsichord and there is an eighteenth-century style German chamber organ on stage, as well as two concert grand pianos.

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Bailey Hall

The newly renovated Bailey Hall is a shared facility, used for courses, lectures, and concerts. It has 1300 seats and good back-stage facilities. The Music Department’s large ensembles perform in Bailey and sometimes also rehearse there. Click here for more information about the facility and the programs it hosts. Download PDFs of the seating charts for the orchestra and the balcony.

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Sage Chapel

The Music Department’s choral ensembles often perform in Sage Chapel, the non-sectarian chapel in the center of the campus, which was built in 1875. It seats about 900 people and houses two organs: a 3-manual Aeolian Skinner organ (1941) and a small Italian chamber organ (1746).

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Anabel Taylor Hall

Anabel Taylor Hall, home to the many communities affiliated with Cornell United Religious Work (CURW), has a small chapel that the Music Department uses for organ recitals and other concerts. The chapel houses a magnificent Bach-style tracker organ. Read more on the organ project.

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Neylan Rehearsal Hall (Lincoln Hall B20)

This large, newly-constructed (2001) room is used not only for lectures and rehearsals but also for concerts, mostly notably for Midday Music at Lincoln Hall, on Thursdays at 12:30 PM. It seats up to 100 people.

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Other Venues

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art hosts annual concerts by the Chamber Orchestra as well as many composer installations. Cornell’s student union, Willard Straight Hall, sometimes hosts the Steel Band, the Drum and Dance ensemble, and other student performers. View more alternative venues.

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