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Dietmar Friesenegger



Dietmar is currently working on his dissertation entitled “Music and Civic Identity in Multicultural Habsburg Czernowitz 1862-1918.” His research interests include the musical culture of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the Turn-of-the-Century; aesthetics and performance practice in late-nineteenth century music; the musical migration from Central Europe in the 1930s and its impact on American culture; the impact of the Cold War on musicological discourse.

His work on Mahler’s colleague Hans Rott comprises co-editing the first edition of the composer’s songs (Ries & Erler, 2012) and two articles in Die Quarte. Additionally, Dietmar’s article on the funeral sermon for Ludwig I Polheim and Protestant musical culture in Early modern Austria appeared in the University of Marburg series Leben in Leichenpredigten (June 2012).

Previous studies and degrees:

Master of Arts, Musicology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012); Master of Arts, Vocal Accompanying, Konservatorium Wien University (2009); Magister philosophiae, French and Music, University of Vienna and University of Music, Vienna (joint degree, 2006); Exchange student, Piano and Piano Accompanying, Eastman School of Music (2006/07)

Teaching experience:

IES Vienna (2008–present); AHA Vienna (2010-2012)