Stephanie Lozina: 'My education allowed me to pursue two very different interests'

Mon, 05/23/2016

Stephanie Lozina


Fort Montgomery, NY

What was your most profound turning point while at Cornell?

My most profound turning point while at Cornell must have been during my junior year. I had been struggling with the courses for my chemistry major, and I was feeling very inadequate about my school work. I then decided to fulfill many of my music requirements during that year, and while there were many time-consuming projects, I really felt like I was learning, retaining and creating a lot of music. My excellent performance in these courses made me feel that, even though I may struggle with chemistry at some points, I can still do well and accomplish a lot in my academics.

What do you value about your liberal arts education?

The greatest value that my liberal arts education has had to me is the fact that is was relatively easy to major in my two vastly different interests: chemistry and music. Each major filled in the gaps in my breadth requirements that the other left. While I would have gladly taken many courses in subjects completely unrelated to my majors, I'm glad that the requirements of this liberal arts education allowed me to pursue my two very different interests, while other schools and their requirements may not have made this possible.