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The Musicology Colloquium and Composers’ Forum feature talks by distinguished scholars and composers.


Every student accepted into the D.M.A. in the Performance Practice program at Cornell receives three years of guaranteed funding, including financial support for three summers. Every student is given a fellowship for the first year. The remaining two years of funding are in the form of teaching assistantships. Student Health Insurance is provided under fellowship and teaching assistantships. Partners, spouses, and dependants can be included for additional charges.

Although it is possible to complete the D.M.A. within three years, most students require one or two more years of funding. When possible the department may offer additional semesters of teaching. There are also a number of dissertation fellowships available through various Cornell programs. For a list of external and internal graduate fellowships (searchable by keyword, program name, or deadline) see the Graduate School Fellowship Database.

The Department of Music offers a wide variety of teaching experiences, and students are free to request a specific teaching assignment. The faculty makes every effort to match interest and skill to course offerings. Learn More »