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Bailey Hall

Musicology Colloquium

The Musicology Colloquium series provides a weekly forum for presentation and discussion of recent research, by distinguished visitors and by Cornell faculty and graduate students in musicology and performance practice. Musicology colloquia take place on Thursdays at 4:30 PM in 124 Lincoln Hall, except where noted. All meetings are open to the public.

Thursday, April 27
   4:30 pm
Lincoln Hall 124

 Mia Tootill (Cornell University) presents a lecture on her dissertation,  "From the Underworld to the Opéra: Representations of the Devil on the Parisian Musical Stage, 1827–69."  Her research centers on French opera, ballet, and popular theater in the long nineteenth century, and the subsequent emergence of silent film.

Thursday, May 4
   4:30 pm
Lincoln Hall B20

Westfield Center for Historical Keyboard Studies presents a conference, "Ghosts in the Machine: Technology, History, and Aesthetics of the Player-Piano," May 4-6.  Georgina Born (Oxford University) gives the keynote address.