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Jeremy Blum among Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30”, 2017

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Former student of Prof. Kevin Ernste (composition, electronic music), Jeremy Blum was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of 2017’s “30 Under 30” in Manufacturing & Industry.

jeremyblumAn alumni of Cornell’s College of Engineering and a popular author, coder, DIY enthusiast, and YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers, Blum took courses in computer music at Cornell, including Ernste’s popular Music 2421: Computers in Music Performance, where he designed a glove interface controller for sound, video, and lighting. This device, called the “Sudo Glove” had many novel applications beyond music and was featured at the time on the Discovery Channel.

Jeremy is currently the head of electrical engineering at Shaper Tools, maker of an innovative new tool for computer-assisted design. He was formerly a “Hardware Astronaut” at GoogleX, part of their Google Glass team, and is admired as a prolific inventor and Arduino (open-source hardware) master. His recent book, “Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques of Engineering Wizardy”, and it’s companion website has received significant critical attention.

Jeremy’s ongoing work and contributions to the world of engineering, open-source software, and DIY can be seen on his website.