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Lincoln Hall

Alternative Venues

Cornell Campus with Piano

Just About Music (JAM) call (607) 255-4645, Baby Grand

The Reading Room in Willard Straight Hall David Bell,, Baby Grand

Common Room in The Alice Cook House Martha Benninger,, Upright Piano

Cornell Dining (pianos not likely but possible)

104 West! Ryan Kehoe, Chef/Manager: 272-6907,

North Star Paul Seeber, Operations Manager: 254-2998,

Risley Hall Lorna Bradshaw, Operations Manager: 255-3668,

Robert Purcell Marketplace Paul Muscente,Operations Manager: 254-2394,

Trillium June Feller, Operations Manager: 255-1873,

Bear Necessities Harry Ashendorf, Operations Manager: 255-8273,

Hughes & Moosewood Karie Allison, Assistant Manager: 255-5340,

Okenshields & Ivy Room Murray LaLonde, Operations Manager: 255-5974,

Outside Cornell

Carriage House Café Pam Woodall:, Baby Grand Piano

Kendall at Ithaca Call Carol Meyers and leave a message for Phyllis Cohen: 266-5300, Grand Piano

Center Ithaca Bill Petrillose: 272-5275, Piano possible