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Model for console of Cornell's new Baroque organ | learn more

Organs and Keyboards


Cornell has an impressive collection of organs representing various national traditions, and covering a broad chronological span. The centerpiece of the Cornell collection is the magnificent Cornell Baroque Organ (2011), built at GOArt and in upstate New York. It is a German baroque organ of two manuals and pedal housed in Anabel Taylor Chapel. The collection also includes an important Aeolian Skinner organ (1940) located in Sage Chapel; a historic Italian organ, built by Augustinus Vicedomini in 1746; and a central German chamber organ of one manual with pedal built at the Gothenburg Organ Art Center in 2003. Read more.

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Cornell’s collection of 18th- and 19th-century pianos is wide-ranging and of outstanding quality. It includes both original instruments, and copies of historical instruments made by leading contemporary builders, designed for the historically-informed performance of classic and romantic repertories. Read more.


Cornell currently has two harpsichords: a French-style two-manual instrument built by William Dowd in 1978, and a two-manual Flemish-style harpsichord built by Frank Hubbard in 1969 and refurbished by Hendrik Broekman in 2007.