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Lincoln Hall

Facilities and Instruments

The principal concert halls at Cornell University are Barnes Hall Auditorium, which seats about 280, the Alice Statler Auditorium (about 800), and Bailey Hall (about 1,325). In addition, organists perform in Sage Chapel and Anabel Taylor Chapel. Learn More ยป

Keyboard instruments on campus include several model D Steinway pianos, a Thomas McCobb copy of a 1773 Viennese fortepiano by Johann Andreas Stein, a Paul McNulty copy of a Walter und Sohn fortepiano, a Broadwood grand piano from 1827, a Rodney Regier copy of an 1824 Conrad Graf fortepiano, an 1868 Erard, one Dowd French and one Hubbard Flemish harpsichord, a Challis clavichord, an 18th-century Italian positive organ (Augustus Vicedomini, 1748); an 18-century German-style chamber organ (Munetaka Yokota, 2003); a two-manual mechanical-action organ by Helmuth Wolff (1972), and a three-manual Aeolian Skinner organ (1940).